Strathearn Distillery

Strathearn Distillery is Scotland's newest micro-distillery and probably also the smallest commercial distillery.

Strathearn Distillery offers many different experiences, maybe a simple tour of the farm based distillery, or a day spent distilling, an afternoon making and drinking gin, right up to the ultimate experience of becoming a member of the Strathearn Distiller's Club.

As the Strathearn Distillery is new, it isn't open every day, so to avoid disapointment make sure you contact them before heading off to visit them. Email them on or call 01738 840100.

Distillery Tours
The Distillery Tour
- Visitors are always welcome to come and see what is happening at Strathearn Distillery. The cost of a tour is £7.50 per person and includes a sample or two. Tours generally last an hour or so with a maximum of 8 people.

Half Day Gin Making Experience - Spend an afternoon with us in Strathearn Distillery making and drinking gin. A typical afternoon Gin Experience would be as follows:

  • Meet and greet with a gin & tonic as we introduce ourselves.
  • Learn about the history of gin and take The Distillery Tour
  • Making some gin and take the bottle home with you.
  • Gin Tasting – The last hour is devoted to a gin tasting session.

You will be given a taste of 4 different gins with different tonics and fruits. And a cocktail to finish. Cost £65 per person, generally with a maximum of 8 people.

One Day Gin Making Experience - The one day gin making experience is for real gin aficionados. You will spend the entire day in Strathearn Distillery and experience the whole gin making experience: from bags of botanicals and raw spirit to bottling gin. You’ll experience everything from the half day experience and get the chance to work with the team to make gin from scratch and take some home with you. Cost £145 per person, with a maximum of 3 people.

One Day Whisky Making Experience - Spend a day with us in Strathearn Distillery operating the stills. We’ll generally be producing a batch of low-wines from the wash still and running the spirit still for new-make spirit. If you are feeling energetic, you can help with the mash tun! You’ll leave with a bottle of our Uisge Beatha and a Certificate of Distilling. Cost £145 per person, with a maximum of 3 people.

Three Day Whisky Making Experience - The three day experience can be the most physical of the experiences if you really want to get involved. You will spend three consecutive days in Strathearn Distillery and experience the whole whisky making experience: from bags of malt to new-make spirit. You will experience everything that occurs in the one day experience but everything will be in much more detail as you have a day on each phase of whisky making. Cost £390 per person, with a maximum of 3 people.

Five Day Whisky Making School - This is an intense whisky making experience and that is why we call it our Whisky Making School. Over a period of 5 full days, you will start with malted barley and on your last day, distil your own new-make spirit from the batch of malt you started with on Monday. This is the big difference from the three day Experience. Imagine being able to say to your friends that you started with a bag of malt and from there took it through the entire process and produced the small cask of Whisky that is sitting in your house. You will experience everything that occurs in the three day experience and look after your own whisky from start to finish. You'll leave with your own 2 litre cask, an exclusive bottle of Uisge Beatha, a Certificate of Distilling and a toast to your successful whisky making.
When you are on the Whisky Making School Experience, the distillery is yours for a week as you become part of the Strathearn team, spending time with the distiller, learning about the whole process. The cost of the week long school is £840 per person, for a maximum of 2 people.



What you'll need to know!

Visit Strathearn Distillery, Bachilton Farm Steading
Methven, Perthsire PH1 3QX
Telephone: 01738 840100

Opening Hours
Opening times are generally Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm, so phone or email and make an appointment.

Find out more at the Strathearn Distillery website.

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